We work tirelessly for our mutual benefit


At AH Universe, we and our volunteers work in partnership with like-minded organizations to execute the following initiatives: 

  • Advocate, promote and support COMPULSORY AFRICENTRIC EDUCATION to the completion of secondary school, for all African children
  • Advocate, promote and support WIDESPREAD AFRICENTRIC ADULT EDUCATION throughout Africa 
  • Advocate, promote and support HEALTH & WELLNESS INITIATIVES in Africa & beyond. This involves healthy living in mind, body and spirit. See Demba's Regimen for a Healthful Existence Demba's Regimen for an example of a sound program. We also recommend the Canada Food Guide Canada Food Guide as an excellent source of information. Jamaica/s 2015 guide is also worth adopting. See Jamaica's food-based dietary guidelines. Here's the link:  African and Caribbean countries with concern for the health & wellbeing of their citizens, would be well advised to adoptadapt and promote these programs without delay. All leaders of all Afro- organizations in all other countries should do the same. Refusal is not an option!   
  • Contribute to the identification and adoption of AUTHENTIC AFRICAN NAMES
  • Advocate for the celebration of African Heritage Day to be observed globally on the 17th of August every year: the birthday of Marcus Panafricanus Garvey.
  • Support and promote  AFRICAN HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY: a memorial observance honoring our ancestors who perished in the Atlantic and Indian oceans, the Red Sea and in the Sahara desert as part of the European and Arab slave trades. NM5.  See AHR OPEN LETTER:  AHROL Also NM5: NM5    NM5-EXPANDED: NM5E  See also: 
  • Work with like-minded organizations to implement TRUTH, APOLOGY, REPARATIONS AND THEN FORGIVENESS & RECONCILIATION,  with regard to the European & Arab slave trades and their aftermath
  • Promote the AFRICAN HERITAGE UNIVERSE PROSPERITY AWARDS. presented annually to individuals or institutions for exemplary contributions to the prosperity of Africa and all people of African descent.   
  • Design and implement SOCIAL BUSINESSES for the primary benefit of Africa and all people of African descent.  
  • EXPRESS OPINIONS AND PROVIDE COMMENTARY on matters of relevance to the prosperity of people of African descent.
  • Beginning in the year 2021, we select and publicize the AHU PERSON OF THE YEAR, this being the individual, group, idea or other entity that has done the most to further the ideals, interests and dimensions of our universe. The 2021 AHU PERSON OF THE YEAR is Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados. She, and the government she leads, made an impact during the year which transcended the ordinary, in terms of foresight, dimension and import; culminating in Barbados becoming a Republic on the 30th of November, 2021. 


Our universe depends on each and every one of us for its vitality and relevance. Our potential is limitless. All we need to do is recognize ourselves, embrace ourselves and do for ourselves. As panafricans, we must always think globally and act appropriately (locally, regionally or globally).

1. MAKE AN INVESTMENT of $100.00, $500.00 or $1,000.00. but no higher** to support our work. We accept e-transfers, certified cheques and money orders, payable to AFRICAN HERITAGE UNIVERSE. (; PO Box 25008, Halifax NS Canada, B3M 4H4). 

2. BECOME AN AHU VOLUNTEER We need help in * Publicity / Networking * Proofreading * Fundraising * Special Projects.

3. CONTRIBUTE YOUR IDEAS. We welcome your feedback as well as your ideas. If two heads are better than one, how much better a thousand?

(** AHU prefers ten $1,000.00 investments from different individuals to a single $10,000.00 investment from one person. Yes, we need funds to survive and succeed; but not as much as we need a network of committed panafricans!)

We must ​each pledge to invest our talents, our energy and our resources for our betterment and that of Africa, our ancestral homeland. 

Let us all commit to work together for our global prosperity and that of Africa, our ancestral homeland!

   What We Do
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We can't do it without you. Contribute your ideas, volunteer your time and talents, or make a financial investment in our collective prosperity.