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   Our Past
Our past informs our present and signals our future. Stated differently, we have to know where we are coming from to know where we are going. We must therefore, learn our history, understand it and select those aspects which are supportive of our present endeavors and future aspirations.  Here is a selection of historical occurrences with ​which you may be familiar: 
  • 5000 BC Farming begins in Egypt
  • 1400 BC High-grade steel was being manufactured in East Africa. (Ask the Haya elders nicely - they will show you how!)
  • 1070 BC Emergence of the Kush / Nubia Empire
  • 751 BC - 671 BC Kush / Nubia ruled Egypt
  • 50 BC The Kingdom of Axum emerges
  • 350 AD Decline of the Kush / Nubian Empire
  • 650 AD Beginning of the enslavement of upwards of 14 million  of our ancestors by the Arabs
  • 1100 AD Heyday of the kingdom of Ife
  • 1518 AD The 1st of 12 million of our  ancestors are enslaved and transported to the New World by Europeans
  • 1562 AD England joins the trans-Atlantic slave trade
  • 1700 AD The Ashanti Kingdom emerges in West Africa
  • 1575 AD Portugal begins to colonize Angola
  • 1787 AD British anti-slavery abolitionists established a colony for freed slaves in Sierra Leone
  • 1792 AD Denmark bans trans-atlantic slavery
  • 1795 AD Benjamin Banneker, scientific genius,  produced the original survey for Washington DC, capital of the USA
  • 1803 AD Death of Toussaint Louverture, the Great Haitian Revolutionary General
  • 1807 AD Britain bans the slave trade
  • 1808 AD The USA bans the slave trade
  • 1822 AD US abolitionists established a colony in Liberia
  • 1828 AD Shaka, King of the Zulus, is assassinated
  • 1844 AD Death of Mirambo, brilliant military strategist and fierce opponent of the Arab Slave Trade
  • 1847 AD Liberia becomes independent
  • 1863 AD Our enslaved ancestors became emancipated
  • 1882 The British army occupies Egypt and Sudan
  • 1884 Germany seized Namibia, Tanzania, Togo and Cameroon
  • ​1885 Italy captures Eritrea, Belgium takes the Kongo and Britain helps itself to Botswana
  • 1886 AD Kenya is colonized by the British. The Europeans found out about our gold in the Transvaal
  • 1887 Birth of Marcus Garvey (Died June 10, 1940).
  • 1888 Britain establishes control over parts of south east Africa and names it Rhodesia, after Cecil, the blood diamond miner
  • 1894 The British take Uganda
  • 1896 The Italians invade Ethiopia and are soundly defeated 
  • 1897 AD E. Sontonga pens "Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica"
  • 1900 AD James Weldon Johnson writes "Lift Every Voice"
  • 1928 Louis Latimer, genius behind many of Thomas Edison's patents, inductee of the National Inventors' Hall of Fame, dies
  • 1940 AD Birth of Pele, the greatest footballer who ever lived
  • 1948 AD Apartheid is introduced in South Africa
  • 1952 Start of the Mau Mau phenomenon in Kenya
  • 1957 AD Ghana is independent of Britain and the Gold Coast
  • 1965 AD Malcolm X is assassinated
  • 2002 AD Kunle Olukotun invented the Ultra SPARK T1 Processor
  • 2008 Barack Obama elected President of the USA
Obviously this is a tiny portion of our history. Clearly we have much to learn and much to teach our children. Here are a few leads:

1. The destruction of African Civilizations by Chancellor Williams
2. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney
3. They Came Before Columbus by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
4. The Wretched of the Earth by Franz Fanon
5. Black Skins White Mask by Franz Fanon 
6. Black Heroes in World History, Tuesday Magazine, Bantam Book

Let us each give of our talents, our energy and our resources for the betterment of Africa and all her children.

Let us all commit to work together for our global prosperity and that of Africa, our ancestral homeland.

"Africa has her mysteries and even a wise man cannot understand them. But a wise man respects them!"
Miriam Makeba