AFRICA: our home, our origin, our Motherland 
Welcome to,   official website of the AFRICAN HERITAGE UNIVERSE. We work for the prosperity of Africa and all people of African descent  by supporting health, cultural, educational and renaissance-enhancing initiatives on the Continent and in our global diaspora. We are a social business and not a grovelling, aid-seeking institution. We believe that real prosperity cannot be achieved with handouts from others, but with the talents, energy & resources of people of African descent all over the world. See CAPAD:  CAPAD.

Let us each give of our talents, our energy and our resources for the betterment of Africa and all her children.

Let us all commit to work together for our global prosperity and that of Africa, our ancestral homeland!


 "Turn your back  on dependency  & development,  it's for babies.

 Embrace self-  reliance & take  charge of your  own prosperity;
 it's the grown-  up thing to do"
Truth Serum
"What will  become 
my  father's  people?"
Great King Shaka
 "We didn't land  on Plymouth  Rock. 
 Plymouth Rock  landed on us."
Malcolm X

"No more, no more, no more, no more: Slavery no more!"

(Inspired by Ray Charles) 
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PAGE EPILOGUE: Somethings They Owe Us; Somethings We Owe Ourselves 
We must "define our world by our deeds and thus become co-definers of the world. Then, and only then, can we take our rightful place among the other nations on earth: a place that is only worth taking on the basis of equality and mutual respect. God, in whose image each one of us is fashioned expects no less, neither should we. So, dear brothers and sisters, let us commit to action. Let us all stand up mightily and accomplish what we will." This we owe ourselves: no more, no less!                   CAPAD